Project Selection

The Green Initiative Fund (TGIF) will be housed within the ASUC-Auxiliary and provide money for sustainability projects Cal would not otherwise be able to fund. TGIF money will not fund environmental programs already mandated by laws or policies, such as the UC Presidential Policy on Green Building Design, Clean Energy Standards, and Sustainable Transportation Practices and California AB 32: The Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 (press release). It is the duty of the campus administration to find the necessary funding to abide by laws and policies.

Students, faculty, and staff at UC Berkeley will be eligible to apply to TGIF for grants and/or loans to fund sustainability projects on campus. The criteria used to evaluate projects will ensure that funded projects:

* Measurably reduce UC Berkeley’s impact on the environment
* Have publicity, education and outreach components
* Received all necessary written approval by appropriate campus officials
* Are not already mandated by law or UC policy
(TGIF projects go above and beyond current legal or policy requirements)
* Demonstrate the greatest environmental impact reduction for the least cost
* May repay the Fund
* Encourage student participation

In addition, 20% of dispersed funds must go to projects involving students each year. For the complete lists of selection criteria see ASUC Bill 61a and The Green Initiative Fund Bylaws.

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