Potential Projects

TGIF is intentionally not being restricted to a specific set of projects. This is done so that as sustainability innovations become standard practices, the Fund will be able to stay on the cutting edge.

At present, a large number of projects have already been identified by other campus organizations that could potentially be funded by TGIF. The top sources for these projects include the:

2005 Campus Sustainability Assessment
2005 Sustainable Water Plan for UC Berkeley
Cal Climate Action Partnership (CalCAP)
— Greenhouse gas inventory and project descriptions

Some potential projects that have been identified from the above documents include:

1. Enabling energy saving settings in campus computer labs
2. Expanding Cal’s electrical vehicle fleet
3. Repairing the CoGen (steam and electricity) plant
4. Upgrading bathroom fixtures and water conservation
5. Switching to 100% biodiesel for the campus refuse trucks

For more in depth descriptions of these projects, see this Project Examples document.

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