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Wind Power

WHAT IS WIND ENERGY ? Wind is air on the move. Each air molecule has kinetic energy ¬†because it is moving. The energy of the wind is the combined kinetic energy of all of the molecules. The wind is a free and renewable source of energy, and it is tae world’s easiest-growing electricity resource.   […]

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What is Renewable Energy?

¬† In contrast to the fossil fuels, renewable energy, as the name suggests, exists perpetually and in abundant quantity in the environment. Renewable energy is ready to be harnessed, inexhaustible, and more importantly, it is a clean alternative to fossil fuels. The term “renewable energy” has no official or commonly accepted definition. As an example, […]

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The World Energy Scene

History; Energy demand in the pre – industrial world was provided mostly by man and animal power and to a limited extent from the burning of wood for heating, cooking and smelting of metals. The discovery of abundant coal, and the concurrent technological advances in its use, propelled the industrial revolution. Steam engines, mechanized production […]

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