CalServe Shake-Up

In a surprising shift, three of the four candidates in the CalSERVE executive slate won the student vote in the ASUC elections, according to the preliminary results. CalSERVE Senator Van Nguyen was elected president, Senator Taylor Allbright was elected executive vice president and party member Daniel Montes was elected external affairs vice president. Student Action Senator Curtis Lee was elected academic affairs vice president, and the current Student Advocate’s chief of staff Ajay Krishnamurthy was elected student advocate.

According to Nguyen, the last year that CalSERVE controlled the executive positions was in 2003-2004, when CalSERVE swept all executive positions with the exception of the student advocate position,

Minutes after seeing the results, Nguyen said he was “speechless.”

“I don’t know what to say,” Nguyen said. “I thought we were behind for sure. It’s absolutely amazing.”

Nguyen said the three executive wins for CalSERVE was a necessary change for the campus.

“Students were ready for a change,” Nguyen said.

Student Action Senator Ilana Nankin, the second highest vote-winner for presidency, said she had no comment on the outcome, and she was in tears as the results were released.

The preliminary results, which were announced at 6:30 last night, must be verified by the Judicial Council before they are finalized, said Elections Council Chair Jessica Wren.

Allbright said she is very excited about her win and commended her fellow candidates in the race.

“Everyone who ran for executives did an amazing job,” she said. “It was a close race. I’m happy to be a part of it. I’m excited—it’s going to be a fun year.”

Although she lost her campaign for academic affairs vice president, CalSERVE Senator Carolina Jauregui said she was pleased with her party members’ wins.

“Even though it makes me sad that I lost, my happiness for Van, Taylor, and Danny is much stronger than any disappointment I might feel,” she said.

Next year’s preliminary senate winners were also released, with independent candidate Nadir Shams, APPLE Engineering candidate Winnie Kuo, and CalSERVE candidate Danielle Duong as the three highest-ranked candidates to win seats.

Next year’s senate is composed of 10 Student Action and affiliated party members, six CalSERVE members, two independents, one SQUELCH! party member and one Berkeley College Republicans party member, according to preliminary results.

In addition to candidates’ results, the results for the four referenda and three constitutional amendments on the ballot were announced, with two out of the seven propositions passing.

The Green Initiative Fund, a $5 student fee increase to fund sustainability projects on campus, passed, winning 69.25 percent of non-abstention votes cast. A constitutional amendment to create a 13-member line of succession for the presidency also passed with 83.08 percent of the vote.

In response to the three CalSERVE candidates’ executive wins, Student Action Senator Jeff Manassero said the candidates chosen are right for their position, regardless of their party.

“I think as far as parties are concerned, I’ve never been one to think or vote on party lines,” he said. “I think everyone the student body chose is qualified. I agree with the decision.”

Tamara Bartlett
The Daily Californian

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